I love the warmth and joy of the Christmas Season and I admit I keep my Christmas Tree up until the end of March! The twinkling lights and the glow of candles brings such a warmness to the home. For those of you who collect Folk Art Christmas Dolls I create Santa Stump Dolls, Snowmen, Stockings and other seasonal offerings.




~Santa Claus is made using tea dyed Muslin.
~He stands 18" tall and is gently weighted for seating.
~ Santa's white hair, beard and mustache are needle felted in place using soft white wool yarn.
~ He has a painted face, needle sculpted nose and separately attached eyelids.
~His arms are wired to hold a few Christmas toys.

~The 6" Raggedy Ann Doll is made of muslin.
~ The 8 1/2" Stick Pony Horse is painted muslin fabric with brown wool yarn mane.
~The little wooden Nut Cracker is 5 1/4" long an holds a Snowman Stick!
~Santa's Red suit is 100%  wool and trimmed with white faux fur.
~Santa has a matching Red wool stocking hat trimmed with a rusty Jingle Bell.
~His boots are painted fabric and trimmed with three rusty Jingle Bells.

$100 SOLD!